• You'll meet Alan Goldberg, a former lion tamer who ran a fishing and diving biz in Hawaii before he became the aquatics director of the "O" show at the Bellagio. And you'll hear why he created the new CabaRAE show in Waikiki.

• We'll also introduce you to Alan's wife -- Wanda, whose ex-husband still skates with her as one of the featured CabaRAE performers. BTW, know why the "RAE" is capitalized? Tune in to find out!

• In Part 2 of our special CabaRAE episode, you'll learn more about the rest of the cast and how they wound up in this amazing acrobatic/variety show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

• DevLeague has been getting a lot of media attention for their revolutionary computer coding bootcamp concept. But we were the first to profile the founders in this interesting piece we produced last year. Click here for that original segment.

• You can also see video segments from past shows on the CCTV YouTube Channel by clicking here.


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We featured New York Times best-selling author Ashley Merryman on our September 2013 show (click here for that video).

Her latest book, "Top Dog" is about the science of winning and losing. Here's a few suggestions gleaned from their research.

If you're trying to launch your own business or startup, you can learn a lot by watching the Friday night ABC reality show in which people pitch their inventions and biz ideas to actual investors. Good article from Fast Company magazine.

Just thinking you have an edge, can actually lead to better performance on certain tests, according to this article in Scientific American magazine... which is similar to what Ashley Merryman's "Top Dog" book says. Here's the SA link -- fascinating stuff!

Make Jobs Come to You
The best jobs aren't always advertised. Here's some ways to develop leads and create your own job opportunities. U.S. News link.

10 Most Common Interview Questions
Don't wing it when you have an important job interview! Practice your answers first. Go to this link for suggestions on how to handle the most frequently asked questions.

Remember That Funny Drunk Photo of You?
Yep... Your Prospective Boss Saw It Too!

That's the gist of a recent New York Times article, which says nearly half of all employers are now checking social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter when screening potential hires.

Out of 2,600 managers and human resource workers surveyed, over one third said they REJECTED job candidates because of content they found on the web related to that person. Provocative photos were the number one reason they chose not to hire someone. Many cited references to drinking and drug use on web sites as red flags.

Another red flag was bad-mouthing former employers or colleagues online, and poor spelling or grammar. So if you must vent, at least make sure you display decent writing skills in your talk-stink posts, eh?

To read the complete NYT article, click here

And to see examples of what NOT to do with your party pictures, check out this site.. Warning: some photos NSFW (not safe for work) or possibly offensive -- unless you are a recent college graduate, in which case many of the photos will seem familiar.


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Kupu is a non-profit organization that is looking for high school and college students who want to work in the environmental field. Paid internships are available. Here's the video link.

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